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FORESTRY: Clean & Beautiful git-based CMS

Asad Shamlan Asad Shamlan Follow Jan 20, 2021 · 1 min read
FORESTRY: Clean & Beautiful git-based CMS
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We all know Netlify is a good platform to host your static site. Being famous for JAM stack. For those who play around in Static Site Generator technology, such as Jekyll, Hugo, etc. Netlify is rather close friend.

But what happen when you want to have clean interface, easily manageable, and easy to operate? you will want to have CMS that works with those SSG (static site generator). Well, worry not. I present you the Forestry CMS that will work seamlessly with almost (if not all) SSGs you can find on the internet.

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Asad Shamlan
Written by Asad Shamlan Follow
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